Since we started producing music we only trusted in this mastering service. Actually every track we have released so far, was mastered by Maxim our engineer. We can highly recommend everyone to use this service. You get high quality for a cheap price!" - OVERUSED

"Perfect mastering service! Totally worth it and open for improvements and opinions! It is for sure an excellent option once you have your track done." - GMAXX

"Really professional mastering service! You can implement your own ideas and they will be adjusted perfectly. Good quality and open for feedback/improvements! It's always a pleasure to use the Puregold Mastering service!" - JAXX & VEGA

What does the Puregold Mastering Service offer to YOU?

  • Get the sound that labels are after. Your music will be ready for release on any label!

  • Critical listening and mixdown feedback for the highest quality sound possible.

  • Get that professional finalizing sound of top industry labels to fairer prices. 

  • Our expert sound engineer has the years of experience needed to take your track to the next level!

Before & After Puregold Mastering

Things to consider before uploading:

  • Make sure to send a 24 Bit .wav/.aiff file of your track aiming for -4db to -6db of headroom (no clipping).
  • Please remove any limiters or stereo enhancement tools from your stereo bus.

  • If you have a particular reference track you would like us to use, make sure to include it in your upload or email.

  • If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us via


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  • How do I pay for my masters?

    We accept the following payment methods:
    PayPal (
    Bank Transfer
    MasterCard / Visa Card payments

  • What is the average turnaround time?

    Times vary between how much work has to be done to a certain track. Most songs submitted for Stereo Mastering will be mastered and sent back to the client in about an hour or two after the files have been downloaded.
    This applies to Stem Mastering as well, however, more time (2 - 4 hours) and dialog with the artist/mix engineer is required for the perfect result.

  • Do you offer revisions?

    Yes! We offer as many revisions as needed for you to be satisfied with the result. However, encourage being clear about the sound desired beforehand that ideally no revisions are needed.

  • How should I upload my track?

    By using online filehosting & sharing services like Dropbox, Wetransfer, Mediafire, Mega, Box, etc. you can simply post a direct link to all the files needed for the master inside the "Link to Track" section of the above form.

  • What is the best way to export my stems?

    For Stem Mastering, we recommend to export and send between 2 - 10 Stems. Do not forget to include your own master (if applicable) and your pre - master.
    Ideally, create a folder where you export the stems into; labeling them individually. Depending on how many stems you want to export this can be as simple as having an "Instrumental" and a "Vocal" Stem or has to be more detailed and comprehensive (as shown below). Once exported, make sure to check the Stems for any errors that might have occurred during export.
    Folder example:
    If still unsure, please send an Mp3 file of your track to our E-Mail and we will give you advice on the problem areas in your mix as well as which stems to export and how how to group them.

  • Can I get a discount?

    We do offer discounts for Stem Mastering and in special cases even for Stereo Mastering. Just ask!