The “Discovery Talents” review of today is about a unique Italian production.

Today I already reviewed a track with a hybrid genre (electro-progressive), “Festival Of Lights”, and I had some difficulties in deciding the main genre.

Well, “Weapon” is even more difficult to categorise! It’s 50% electro house, 50% bass house, but that’s just my guess… It’s very difficult because I’ve never heard something like this.
“Weapon” is a production by Andy Wild, edited by Game Over Djs… Obviously, when we are talking about out-of-schemes electro, Puregold Records is obviously the right label.

I was very surprised by “Weapon”.
It’s an “underground” production, aggressive, dark, that immediately hits your ears with a massive drop.
It has bass house drums and bassline, but the acid lead and the curious melody are electro house! The track is basically a new way to see electro house, with the typical Italian groove influence, and tons of bass house experimentation.

Now, let’s get to the break.
In pure Italian style, the vocal is a repetitive distorted sample, which incredibly gives a lot of energy to the track!
Sure, the splendid aggressive base makes its job, but I loved in particular that voice.

That’s the particular I want to focus on. I’m usually bored by repetitive vocal loops, but this one has been brilliantly distorted in every repetition, making it catchy, mysterious, and truly interesting! What a super idea!

Sure, you may be more interested in the drop, but I love this little details! The vocal is the cherry on the top of a beautiful cake, composed of bass house, creativity, courage and electro aggressiveness.

Trust me, that’s one of the most interesting experimentations of the month. I don’t really know where Puregold find those gold nuggets (please get the pun), but it deserves a lot of attention!

With creative releases like “Weapon”, the label is continuously rising in the electro scene, bringing new and fresh sounds.
Of course, we can’t forget the majestic work by Andy Wild and Game Over Djs. S U P E R B.

Could “Weapon” be the future of electro house? Who knows, but this may be the first step for new hybrids, in “bass electro” style."

Massive shoutout to the guys at EDM Reviewer for this amazing article!



We are very proud to let you know, that our label Puregold Records just got approved by Beatport!

What does that mean, no more free downloads?

- No of course we keep up the free downloads, we just have an additional distribution channel. Our releases will be available exclusively 1 week before its release on Beatport. So if you feel you want to support your favourite artist, you know can do this by buying his music!

One week after the beatport release, every release will be available for free on our soundcloud channel, and another week afterwards its streamable on spotify.



"For their latest single, Enveloperz! took their talents to Puregold Records to release their new moombahton track called “Feel It”. Kicking off with a synth progression alongside some vocals, this record instantly captures the audience’s attention. As the track culminates, the intensity amplifies until reaching its peak during the ferocious drop."